Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The White Death

Snipers played a pivotal role in the second world war, with the best sniper of the whole conflict being
Simo Hayha, a Finnish soldier during the 1939-1940 Winter War against Russia.

He joined the Finnish army in 1925 and was entered into active service the day the war began. He spent his service going into the woods with a few days worth of supplies, then covering himself in sometimes up to two feet of snow and hiding, waiting for Russian troops. His best was 25 kills in one day.

The Russians called him 'The White Death' and were so terrified of him that they launched heavy artillery barrages at locations where they thought he might be; they'd rather expend artillery shells than risk their men fighting him.

One Soviet got lucky and hit Simo in the face with an explosive bullet, ending his career, but not his life. The White Death was down and out, but he had already killed 720 Soviets in less than 100 days. EVERY kill was a clean headshot... done WITHOUT a telescopic sight of any kind.

Simo retired after The Winter War; unable to join in the rest of WWII due to his face injury. He lived in Finland until his death at age 97.
Simo 'White Death' Hayha in his usual facemask.

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