Thursday, 10 February 2011

Attack on Iran

In August 1941, neutral Iran was attacked by the British and the Soviets. Iran had large stocks of oil and the allies were worried it would fall into axis hands. Iran was officially neutral, but was Axis-friendly so the British and the Soviets teamed up and invaded.

The invasion lasted less than a month and only cost the allies 62 soldiers. Once Iran was fully occupied, the Soviets took control of the North and the British took control of the South.

Iran's leadership was furious and appealed to the USA for help, stating:
"I beg Your Excellency to take efficacious and urgent humanitarian steps to put an end to these acts of aggression."
 The Americans fully backed their allies and offered the Iranians no support.

The occupation was mostly uneventful with the British withdrawing on VJ day and the Soviets withdrawing in 1946, which caused some friction between them and the Americans as part of the Cold War, but there was no major incident.

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