Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Nazi medical science

This post contains some slightly disturbing holocaust related facts.

Most people think of the holocaust as Jews being either systematically eliminated is gas chambers or worked to death. Although this DID happen, far worse things went on, and happened to non-Jews too.

Nazi scientists submerge a test subject in freezing water
In Auschwitz and Dacau, the Nazis executed horrible torture in the name of science. The Nazis speculated that the Russians were genetically different to other people, in the sense that they had a naturally higher cold threshold. To find out is this was true, the Nazis took Russian P.O.W.S, non-Russian inmates then swapped over their muscles as best they could. Neither patient was given an anisthetic.

After the muscle was transplanted, both patients were put into freezing water. It was then timed to see how long it took them to freeze to death, to see if the people with the Russian muscles died slower.

Also, to see if sea water could be survived on, some inmates were only given salt water to drink. They became so desperately dehydrated that many of them drank their own urine or licked freshly mopped floors just to get something to drink.

I apologize if today's post was a little upsetting, but the holocaust is not something to be forgotten.

Technically the holocaust was concurrent with WW2 as opposed to actually part of it, but the two are often associated, so i felt it was okay to post.

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  1. You're right, this post was a little upsetting, but absolutely, the Holocaust was a terrible, terrible thing that should never be forgotten.